We realize that it is sometimes difficult to pay for our courses...

We realize that it is sometimes difficult to gather the funds to come and take our workshops. Therefore, we found some ways in which you can sign up for our classes for a more affordable price. 


We have begun to offer a 10% discount for all people who sign up for any of our one and two-week courses in groups of two. Please mention who you will be coming with on the questions page in the booking process. 


If you are a current university student, we have begun to offer a 20% discount for all students who sign up for any of our courses in groups of two. As you sign up for the course, please provide us with proof of enrollment and current student status. The proof of student status must include your name, university name, student ID, course list. Other acceptable proofs of admission can be your bill for the incoming semester, or your student ID if it has most of the information mentioned above.


If you plan to sign up in groups of three or more, please email us at ceramicsmasterclass@gmail.com