COMBO Wheel + Onggi 2 Wks

14 Days Instruction,15 Nights Accommodation, 3Meals/day All Inclusive

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  • 5,450 US dollars
  • Kwak Kyungtae's Studio

Service Description

14 DAYS / 15 NIGHTS / 3 MEALS PER DAY / APRONS + TOOLS / ACCOMMODATION ALL INCLUDED** All levels of experience are welcome in this two week COMBO course offering the most efficient use of your time with us in Icheon for a comprehensive mini-apprenticeship style experience. This all inclusive workshop (accommodation, meals, materials, tools, etc) is essentially two 1 week workshops back to back, with a day of rest in between to travel or simply rest the body. This option allows students who wish to stay longer than a week a discounted price and a chance to get the best of both worlds. We recommend this option for those who are interested in making larger forms in their own practice, and/or would like to focus on learning Onggi, but don’t want to miss out on the wheel throwing techniques. Our most popular option, this COMBO workshop will give you the foundation to continue practicing what you learn in our studio later, offering the most creative potential out of any of our offerings. **Please note Accommodation is provided starting the night prior to the first day of the course, and checkout is at 12pm on the last day of each course. Dinner will be provided on the night of check in. One rest day (accommodation included that night) in between the wheel throwing course and the onggi course. Please contact us to make any separate arrangements.

Cancellation Policy

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예스파크 경기도 이천시 신둔면 도자예술로 6번길 172 “토루” Tel: 010-6236-4469