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Meet the artist

-Kwak Kyungtae-

1972 Born in Kwangju

2001 Established the Pottery of Toroo 

2005~ Lives and Works in Icheon, Korea



B.F.A., College of Art and Design, Seoul National University of Science and Technology

M.F.A., Graduate School, Seoul National University of Science and Technology


2006~2008 Taught at Seoul National University of Science and Technology 

2009~2010 Taught at Kongju National University


Selected Exhibitions

2010 Korean Contemporary Onggi Artists, Onggi Expo Ulsan Korea 2010

2011 NCECA, Tampa, USA

2012 Special Exhibition, Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong



2009 Awarded the Grand Prize, Onggi Expo Ulsan Korea 2009



Korean Cultural Center in New Caledonia 

Yeoungam Pottery Museum 

Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong

Artist Statement

곽경태는 한국 전통인 ‘옹기’ 만드는 전통기법과 ‘분청’의 페인팅 기법을 현대식으로 재해석하여 

그만의 방식으로 발전시켜왔다. 

그의 물레 기법에서 나온 형태와 즉흥적인 페인팅은 그의 작품의 형태와 구조에 울려 퍼져 나온다.

그로 인하여 그의 작품은 사람들에게 자연스러운 형태, 질료의 힘을 보여주고 

좌우 대칭인 아닌 불안전한 형태의 미를 속삭여 준다. 

이 불안전한 형태의 미는 그가 오랜 시간 작업을 해온 그 만의무언의 즉 암시적인 지식에서 나온 것이다. 

곽경태는 이 끊임없는 반복적인 작업에서 그만의 작업을 완성해 가고 있다.


A fascination with large Onggi vessels and the rough simplicity of Korean slipware led Kwak Kyung-tae to develop his own voice in clay. He works exclusively in Onggi and Buncheong, taking his inspiration from the traditions of the Korean peninsula of his birth, particularly during the Joseon dynasty, and applying them in a modern context. His work is resonant of nature’s forms and structures through wheel-thrown and altered work, often including spontaneous marks and gestural brushwork on large pots. His works evoke a balance of the crude and the sublime power of nature’s imperfection, in large and small scale work. The austerity of his style is born from an honest, tacit relationship with clay developed and mastered over a lifetime. He has held solo and group exhibitions throughout East Asia and Europe. His pieces are sold in galleries and shops in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

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