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Learning Residencies


The learning residency is a longer form of our masterclass, designed for ceramic artists and students of clay who have more time to dedicate toward deepening their skills. This longer-term experience will allow residents to expand and consolidate their onggi or wheel throwing practice under the guidance of master Kwak Kyung Tae in the traditional Korean styles. 


This residency is situated in the rich and inspiring environment of the Toroo Atelier in Icheon, South Korea. Residents will explore new skills alongside like-minded residents and members of Toroo Atelier's dedicated team.


Each resident will balance their learning on form and technique between catered instruction given by Kwak Kyung Tae and autonomous practice. Drawing on the positive experience of our previous residency and seeing how well residents respond to increased intermittent instruction, we have upgraded the teaching hours for this residency to include intervals of instruction in the afternoon as well as morning. This organically allows for a balance of teaching and solo practice time. 

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Onggi or Wheel Throwing Residency




Instruction will be provided at points throughout the morning and afternoon, to be complemented by self-guided practice


Personalised guidance


Accommodation, the studio’s open kitchen and lunch provided by Toroo


Consultation for residents looking to grow their studio practice


Learning Residency Details

Each residency includes:
Instruction from Kwak Kyungtae, accommodation in the village, the studio’s open kitchen and lunch in Toroo Atelier, unlimited clay for practice, dedicated studio space at Toroo with all necessary tools.

Residents will each have an assigned station inside Toroo studio, with access to unlimited clay for practice, a wheel and all necessary tools, equipment and materials for making.


Each day will consist of instruction at various points throughout the morning and afternoon, with time allowed during the rest of the day for independent practice to consolidate techniques. 

Each resident will be provided accommodation in Ye's Park within walking distance of the studio. The village in which the studio is located is full of ceramic artists and their studios. The village also has two dedicated ceramic tool shops, selling high-quality equipment at very competitive prices. 


Delicious Korean lunches will shared with the team each day, and the residents will have access to a well-equipped shared kitchen in the studio.


Dinner with the team and other residents will be served twice a week. Delicious coffee, a variety of teas and sweet desserts will be available throughout the day. 


Beginners are welcome to join the residency, however our masterclasses are the most beginner-friendly option for prospective ceramists! While teaching is provided, this residency is best suited for those with prior experience in clay and who are comfortable practicing autonomously and independently. The focus of teaching will be in traditional Korean ceramic techniques, for both onggi and wheel throwing. 

Meet the Master

Kwak Kyung Tae


To see more, check out our Instagram page featuring past residents!

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