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Learning Residencies -
December 2023


This season we will be hosting a new and exciting month-long program at Toroo.

The learning residency is a longer form of our masterclass, designed for ceramic artists and students of clay who have more time to dedicate toward deepening their skills. This longer-term experience will allow residents to expand and consolidate their onggi or wheel throwing practice under the guidance of master Kwak Kyungtae.


This residency is situated in the rich and inspiring environment of the Toroo Atelier in Icheon, South Korea. Residents will explore new skills alongside like-minded residents and members of Toroo Atelier's dedicated team.

Each resident will balance their learning between one-on-one catered instruction given by Kwak Kyungtae and autonomous practice. Beyond training on form and technique, residents will be guided through the entire process of making a piece, from fundamentals of clay selection, traditional buncheong surface treatment to firing. 

Residents will also have the opportunity to travel south to visit the Oegosan Onggi Village in Ulsan. 

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25 Days Onggi or Wheel Throwing instruction (to be selected during registration)


Morning instruction hours followed by self-guided practice in the afternoons


November 28th 2023 to December 22th 2023 (Arrival Nov 27, departure Dec 23)


Accommodation and lunch provided by Toroo


Travel to Oegosan Onggi Village in Ulsan


Learning Residency Details

Nov 27 - Dec 25, 2023

Morning instruction, accommodation and lunch in Toroo Atelier, unlimited clay for practice, dedicated studio space at Toroo with all necessary tools, and communal firing at the conclusion of the residency.

USD $6250 (All inclusive)

Residents - up to 5 at a time - will each have an assigned station inside Toroo studio, with access to unlimited clay for practice, a wheel and all necessary tools, equipment and materials for making.

Each day will consist of morning instruction, and then time allowed during the rest of the day to independently practice. 

The focus of the residency is on practicing and consolidating techniques and not on production, however at the conclusion of the residency there will be opportunity to fire pieces together with the other students. 

Each resident will be provided accommodation in Ye's Park within walking distance of the studio. Delicious Korean lunches will shared with the team each day, and the residents will have access to a well-equipped shared kitchen in the studio from 8am to 8pm everyday for other meals. Coffee and tea will be available throughout the day. 

During registration, residents will select whether to focus on either wheel throwing or onggi during their residency.

The learning residency includes:

Clay preparation - technical training - traditional glaze and buncheong slipware - oxidation/reduction firing of finalised piece(s) - travel to Ulsan. 

Meet the Master

Kwak Kyungtae


View Kwak's instagram to see our students in action!

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