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This is a set of hand-finished onggi tools. These tools are hand-finished over a period of two days out of Korean pine. Shipping is included in the price of the set. Due to the handmade nature of this product, lead times are appx 4 weeks from the order date. 


Tools included (pictured from left to right):

Bangmangi - 방망이

Surae - 수레

Mitkasae - 밑가세

Doge - 도게

Geun gae (metal ribs) - 근게

Jeondae cloth - 전대

Onggi Tools


Traditionally, these Korean pinewood tools are thoroughly soaked in water indefinitely. Once soaked in water, they should never be left out to dry completely. There is a likelihood that the tools will develop cracks if continuously soaked and dried. 

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A message from Kwak Kyungtae:

After decades of practice in onggi-making on traditional Korean wooden kick wheels (목물레), I developed this innovative, durable wheel to help the next generation of onggi-makers develop their craft. 


This wheel has gone through multiple iterations, testing and development to reach the stage at which I enjoy using in my own practice. 


It is a high quality, durable wheel which will withstand the rigours of large scale practice, maintain momentum efficiently and remain stable even with hundreds of kilos of clay rotating atop it. Onggi techniques depend on an ultra-responsive wheel, so ceramists and sculpture artists creating smaller scale and fine work will also appreciate the friction-less movement of the wheel. 


This wheel has been engineered to ensure it will be a lifelong partner in your making.


We wish for many people to learn these incredible traditional onggi techniques. Access to the right equipment is integral for the continued survival of this practice which has endured for generations. 


I am excited to see how people will use this wheel to practice and innovate, not only in the onggi technique but in the wide variety of pottery and sculpture practices around the world which require a free-running, strong, stable kickwheel. I cannot wait to see how people use this wheel to practice their own ceramic traditions. 


After you've received your wheel

We guarantee the aluminium wheel and component parts are free from defects in materials and workmanship, and are proud that wheels will leave our studio in perfect condition. Great care is taken when arranging shipping to minimise the likelihood of any damage to the wheel and component parts during transit, however in the event of damage we will replace the relevant component. In the event any defect in materials and workmanship are detected when you receive the wheel, please take photos and contact us immediately and we will do our best to resolve the situation. 


If you have any trouble during assembly of the wheel, please don't hesitate to contact us for clarification at A manual will be provided with thorough assembly instructions. 


Please notify us of any issues within one week of receipt of the wheel at